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We have transitioned from January to February. Even though it was cold and snowy some, we had a good month. Now we look forward to this month and celebrating "heart month" as we look at Valentine's Day.

Now that February is here, we look forward to seeing the first evidence that spring is coming. I noticed daffodils up in my yard, even though they are covered with pine straw to protect them. I love those first blooms of spring. Daffodils are my favorite flower and I have many different varieties in my yard. Also I have noticed the beautiful birds around the yard. The bluebirds are getting "bluer" and the American Goldfinch is getting back the yellow color from the olive green during the winter. So it means soon there will be birds singing and I love hearing them.

Also with February, we think about love. There are so many "loves" that we experience. But the greatest love is the love of God to mankind when His only Son gave His life for us by dying on the cross for my sins and yours. When you think about love, consider it the greatest love ever given. And because of that great love, we have eternal life promised to us because we have our faith and trust in Christ and what He did for us. Have you trusted Chris as your Savior? It's the only way you can get to heaven. If you have any questions or concerns, contact us using the contact information on this web site.

Until next time, Happy Valentine's Day, and enjoy looking forward to the first signs of spring just around the corner.